Steam Cleaning and its advantages

Mr.Handyman Steam Cleaning ensure cleanliness in the entire household and your family can be sure that everything is cleaned fibre-deep – completely without chemicals.
We can assure a top performance which the steam kills 99.99 %* of all bacteria and ensures maximum hygiene and a healthy living environment.
Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or on floors, Mr.Handyman will deliver top results without fail.
Steam is the efficient and environmentally-friendly cleaning alternative to traditional methods involving mops, buckets and detergents.
Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Steam Cleaning:
Steam cleaning is environmentally friendly – due to only requiring water and heat, you can avoid using chemicals such as ammonia or bleach, which are harmful to the environment.
The non-toxic nature of steam cleaning makes your home a much safer environment for children and pets.  A common chemical in many cleaning agents is Sodium Hypochlorite that has corrosive oxidising agents; if a child or pet was to make contact with surfaces still contaminated with residue it could burn their eyes, damage lungs, cause skin irritations or illness.
Benefits to your health : Cleaners that contain chemicals can leave a residue on surfaces which might be hazardous and in some cases can even cause disease. Think of small children who might be playing or crawling on the floor, as well as pets and the potential danger chemical residue left on surfaces could pose.
Allergies: People with allergies and asthma will benefit significantly from steam cleaning. It uses only water and heat to create all-natural steam that removes dirt and grime from any non-heat sensitive surface. Therefore, it won’t aggravate allergy symptoms or cause respiratory issues. By steam cleaning beds, sofas and other furniture you’ll be helping to protect your family, as well as keeping your home sparkling clean.