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How to Keep Your Home or Office Space Sanitized

During this unprecedented time, businesses and offices are looking for ways to keep their team safe and continue to work. It is our own responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe now. One way to keep your work environment safe is to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis.

To fight the coronavirus, you need a product that is strong enough to disinfect. In medical terms, a disinfectant is any substance that can kill all viruses and bacteria with 30 minutes of direct exposure. Yes, it can take 30 minutes for a full disinfectant round to occur. Fortunately, there’s a slightly less powerful option – sanitization.

A sanitizing substance is anything that kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds of exposure. Quick, efficient sanitization can remove the vast majority of germs from any surface or object. It can be done with a diluted disinfecting agent.

Many companies, to save money, skip out on daily cleaning. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it has taught us the importance of regularly disinfecting surface areas – even if it is just for peace of mind. Employees will feel safer in spaces they know are getting cleaned often and regularly.

It’s vital that you sanitize every single thing that could have been breathed or coughed onto. Sanitize surfaces and not just the tops of surfaces. Sanitize the vertical and edge surfaces of each counter or table as well. Sanitize the keyboards, pens, and paperclips in the office, assuming everyone has breathed on those. Sanitize the desk-art and everything in the break room. Throw out any old leftovers and advise everyone to be very careful about bringing in sealed containers.

Sanitize the staplers and, in the copy room, sanitize the large printer, copier, and lamination machine. Don’t forget the conference room, where people tend to meet in groups (and sometimes cough on the table). Sanitize door handles and hand-rails as well, where hands may be spreading touched virus particles. The key to sanitization is that each spray and swipe of germ-killing substance removes most of the germs, leaving very few remaining to find new hosts before their lifespan is up.

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